Google Makes Shopping Ads Free.

Probably some of the biggest and best news to come out of these last few months!! Google is now expanding its free display options to businesses in Europe, Africa and The Middle East (wooo). Luckily for America, they have had this luxury since April, and are already well used to the change. Google will also offer tools to help SMBs get back on track, amid the impacts of COVID-19. We currently uploaded a post on these tools, which you can find HERE. 

Currently, Google’s Shopping Tab listings had been a paid-only option, however, with this change taking place, some paid slots will still remain. Google comment on how it facilitates “hundreds of millions of shopping searches on Google each day”. So having the capacity to list products, for free, could have major benefits for many retailers – especially with the run-up to Christmas.

Worried about missing out on getting your shopping ads for free? Well, if you already use Merchant Center and Shopping ads, you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this change. Thankfully, your listings will automatically show up at no cost. (Google are spoiling us this month for sure).

This new feature will definitely affect many advertisers, so we caught up with Mabo’s very own PPC Team Manager Glen Barker, to get his opinion on the matter.



“I think it will be a good thing for most sellers, especially those smaller businesses who don’t necessarily have the budget to compete against some of the big players in their industry. It offers an opportunity to level the playing field, to some degree, which can only be a good thing for our clients!”




Wondering if shopping ads would be beneficial to you? Want to grow your business further? Contact Mabo today.  Want to know more on Google making shopping ads free? Check out the full post HERE.