Your Google Marketing Live 2019 Recap

Google Marketing Live 2019 – the annual event in which Google announce their latest ads innovations, new features and latest updates. If you didn’t get the chance to watch it live – don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Here’s an overview of the main announcements from the day:

Google Ads Mobile App Updates

Google has improved the capabilities within the Google Ads app. Users are now able to create and edit responsive search ads, in addition to receiving new recommendations and notifications.Privacy ImagePrivacy


Google placed a huge emphasis on privacy this year, discussing the impact that great user privacy will have on their advertising. Google explained that advertisers need to be prepared to have less data to work with due to potential customers managing their privacy more closely. Luckily for advertisers, despite the lack of data, artificial intelligence has made targeting less centralised around physical data and more dependent on data collection.

Measuring _ Reporting

Measuring and Reporting

During the keynote, Google pledged to improve its commitment to measuring and reporting, including new features such as:

  • Optimising local campaigns will now include offline KPI’s for calls and store visits.
  • Optimisation capabilities for both multiple conversions and varying conversion values are now available.
  • Reporting capabilities for both Display and Video 360 integrations will now be more synergistic, allowing for more consistent reporting.
  • Advertisers will now be able to report on in-app interactions within Google Ads as a result of deep linking now being available within apps.

New Ad Formats

  1. SEM Gallery Ads.

This new ad format shows customers what you have on offer in a more interactive format allowing you, as an advertiser to anticipate everything potential customers may want to know about the product or service.

  1. Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase Shopping Ads have now been officially released and made available within more Google platforms including Google Images, the Discover feed and soon YouTube.

  1. Bumper Video Ads.

To capitalise on the increasing success of video advertising and combat advertisers struggles of video creation, the search engine has introduced Bumper Video Ads. This format has been designed to help users create YouTube-friendly ads from long form or other assets. Bumper Video Ads will also incorporate a way that enables advertisers to trial and analyse the most successful elements through machine learning.

  1. Discovery Ads.

This ad format is entirely powered by Google’s ever-growing artificial intelligence capabilities, meaning they are not going to be powered by keyword-driven campaigns.

Discovery Ads will be displayed within the Google Discover feed, YouTube feed and within the Gmail promotion tabs.

  1. Local Ads Functionalities.

Continuing with the theme of artificial intelligence, Google has made the decision to improve the Google Ads that are displayed on maps, with the main changes being to promoted pins. The search engine is making use of AI to anticipate users intent to then be able to increase visibility of relevant ads to certain audiences with automation, as opposed to the traditional method of manual targeting.

  1. Enhancements To Google Shopping Campaigns.

Google has made a considerable effort to enhance the retail features within the search engine including improvements to the user interface and the ability for users to purchase through ads on Google Assistant. Google checkout will now also allow users to buy from retailers in-store, as opposed to just on their sites.

That’s all from Google Marketing Live 2019! If you would like to catch up and watch the official sessions on demand, click here! Or, if you would like to hear our thoughts on these new updates and features, be sure to register for Your Monthly PPC Recap Webinar on Friday 31st May! This month we will be talking all things Google Marketing Live and focusing on the latest features available to Google Ads advertisers.