Google Product Kick Off 2021

We checked out the Google Product Kick Off yesterday.

EMEA Product kick off

Whilst there were heaps of new announcements, here’s just a taste of what got us at Mabo excited.


New Durable Measurement Solutions, Consent Mode and Enhanced Conversions:

  • Consent mode is designed to recover up to 70% of conversions lost to privacy settings, using modelled conversions to fill in the gaps of missing data. With privacy becoming an ever-pressing issue we are looking forward to helping businesses continue to grow whilst respecting the choices of their customers.
  • Updates to enhanced conversions – lot’s of our clients have already opted into enhanced conversions. Google have added better reporting capabilities and also some easy steps to implement at speed. 

Google Analytics 4:

  • Lot’s of nifty updates to GA4 are on the way, including improved conversion modelling and integration of conversions into Google Ads. 
  • Google admitted GA4 may still not be ready for a complete switch and there will never be an option to migrate old dataSo our key takeaway is: Upgrade and cross-track now to start building data ASAP. 

Cross-network attribution:

  • Data-Driven Attribution now includes Youtube & Display
  • There’s also now a bulk change option in a new DDA page – makes it quicker to move conversion actions to DDA at scale
  • DDA now coming for app conversions
  • Attribution academy, a once internal training course for Google is now available for practitioners – more insights into attribution and how best to implement it. A great opportunity for us to upskill agency-wide and pass this knowledge on to our clients. We can’t wait to try this in November!

Omnichannel solutions:

  • Store visit data is now available for Video for action and discovery campaigns
  • Store sales integration is coming to local campaigns. We are very excited to see how getting estimated sales data into local campaigns will really help to drive footfall and help our clients grow offline too!

Cool tools we want to try:

Insights finder – personalised trends and insights directly in the Google Ads UI which will be refreshed weekly

Ads creative studio – build creatives and add to platforms all in one place. Easier collaboration with designers and marketers should lead to stronger campaign performance and a consistent brand message – sounds promising!

Asset library in Google Ads – similar to Amazon’s asset library, who doesn’t love organisation?

Video builder in Google Ads – easy creation of video content, great for any business without the budgets for videographers

Performance explanations – fast analysis of performance fluctuations directly in the Google Ads interface

New in Google Ads:

  • Dynamic image extensions opt-in – Google announced ads serving image extensions increase CTR by 10% so having dynamic image extensions opted in enables you to capitalise on this in one click
  • Broad match keywords continue to be improved, more precise matching of keyword intent
  • Shoppable images in Smart Shopping – similar to social media, hover and interact with products on an in-situ image. Managed via Merchant Centre, we have this in mind for Christmas gift shopping this peak season!
  • Performance Max campaigns – Designed to complement existing search campaigns, these will span display, video, shopping, search and more optimising for more converting customers. Coming soon in Q4, watch this space!
  • Customer acquisition bidding – ability to bid more aggressively for new customers by adding more revenue to that conversion type. We wish there was a way to do this without artificially inflating the revenue, but it’s a great concept.
  • Value-based bidding updates – ability to bid more aggressively for customer location and device. Again, not sold on the inaccurate data, but we can see this being a clever optimisation tactic for some unique problems.


Youtube & Display updates:

  • Multi-asset Video Action ads – utilising machine learning to optimise assets, such as video and copy to quickly AB test at scale. Our favourite video update this year!
  • TROAS on Video action & Discovery campaigns – finally!
  • Recommendations for discovery and VAC campaigns
  • Ad strength for discovery ads – another “nice to have update” which we can’t wait to test on our existing ads.