Google Rebrand Advertising Offerings

The Google adtech suite has undergone a complete rebrand, meaning AdWords and DoubleClick cease to exist….

Google Announce AdWords will become Google Ads

… but don’t worry, it’s just rebrand.

After 18 and 22 years, Google has retired the AdWords and DoubleClick brands. The products have now been rebranded, upgraded and categorised into three primary brands:

  1. Google Ads.
  2. Google Marketing Platform.
  3. Google Ad Manager.

Google Announce AdWords will become Google Ads

Google understand that so much has changed since the initial evolution of AdWords, and therefore believed they were well overdue a relaunch. This decision means that AdWords has now been rebranded to “Google Ads”.

However, it’s not just the logo that has had an upgrade, Google’s latest efforts have brought even more additional features to what once was Google AdWords. Within the new version, Google Ads, there is a new feature titled “Smart Campaigns”. This new tool works across several Google services, utilising machine learning to allow small businesses to quickly generate campaigns.  

Google has also combined DoubleClick products with Google Analytics 360 Suite to create “Google Marketing Platform”. Within the new Google Marketing Platform, there’s a new feature named “Display and Video 360” that combines Google’s enterprise display advertising products. There’s also a new Integration Center to explain how the tools complement each other and intertwine to improve advertisers marketing efforts.

Google Announce DoubleClick and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will become Google AdManager

DoubleClick and DoubleClick Ad Exchange have merged to become “Google Ad Manager”. Google’s CEO explains that this combination is designed to provide advertisers with a “complete and unified programmatic platform”. The updates within this tool will help advertisers monetize both new and existing places where people are engaging.

Google Announce DoubleClick and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will become Google AdManager

Ultimately, the rebrand is designed to introduce simpler brands and solutions for advertisers and publishers. The updates and new branding will become available mid-July and continue to roll out over the next few months.

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