Google Reveal 3 New Updates To AdSense

New updates to AdSense include machine learning and improvements to quality standards and reporting features.

Google AdSense

Last week Google revealed three new updates coming to AdSense.The changes are centralised around controls and transparency tools, allowing publishers to understand what is happening and allowing them to exercise greater control.

The first and probably most valuable update is the new machine learning features. This update is designed to allow publishers to make use of machine learning to make informed decisions about their advertising. This improved technology will arguably help publishers achieve the best ad serving decisions by leveraging and displaying in-depth ad data.

The second update to AdSense includes a pledge to continue abiding by established advertising quality standards. Google and AdSense are committed to creating ads that are acceptable to consumers and their latest update means they will continue to meet and exceed industry standards set by The Coalition for Better Ads.

The third and final update includes improvements to Dashboard Tools and Reporting. Here, AdSense has revealed that they will provide research tools to provide publishers with clear feedback on ad performance and how they are performing relative to their competition.


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