Google Reveal New Ad Updates For Apps


At the Google I/O developer conference last week, Google announced new updates available in AdWords for app developers buying and selling ads.

google ads

In the new beta, advertisers are now able to display more content within app promotion ads in Google Play. For example, a shopping app will now be able to connect their product catalog feeds to AdWords to show a carousel of product images and descriptions within the ads. Google has revealed that this test will be available in the coming months.

One of the key updates involved view-through conversion (VTC) reporting, which will be readily available for app advertisers using AdWords towards the end of this month. This measures when a user has been shown a viewable impression and converted. VTC uses the Media Rating Council (MRC) definitions of ad viewability to ensure the display ad impressions count as ‘viewable’.

Google are also integrating their Mobile Ads and Interactive Media Ad SDK with IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK. This will allow developers who sell ads on their apps to report on viewability in a more streamlined manner. Users can ask to join the beta at the end of this week.

Finally, the new rewarded ads report, AdMob, now shows estimated earnings, engaged users and daily activity metrics from rewarded ads that users have viewed in exchange for in-app incentives like additional lives or coins.

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