Late on Friday (27th August) we became aware of low impressions on Google Ads accounts that run shopping, with some down 80% in clicks, impressions and spend vs comparative days.

Our team immediately contacted Google support and our Google reps who were unaware of any issue but escalated the problem. We also reached out to a Google CSS team.

We spent hours on Friday evening searching for potential issues in our MCC, and found nothing. At this time we were unsure if this was a Mabo issue, or a wider scale issue due to the lack of noise on various channels.

Throughout the weekend, the issue at times appeared to be resolved, only the revert back.

As the weekend progressed, through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Reddit, it started to emerge that this was impacting many, across different agencies and standalone advertisers. There has, to this point, been nothing from Google to update on the situation.

The issue, for us, is unknown, and currently appears unresolved.