Google Shopping Competitors Now Account For 32% Of Results

The most recent report from Searchmetrics reveals that competition amongst Product Listing Ad results in the UK, France, and Germany has severely increased since January 2018. Searchmetrics explain that “the number and diversity of comparison shopping services appearing in Google Shopping units has dramatically increased.”

Google has been fined nearly $2.7 billion by the European Commission in 2017 alone for suspected antitrust violations that took place in Shopping Search. In retaliation, Google introduced several new updates to ensure equality for rival Comparison Shopping Services (CSS). It was from here that Searchmetrics began assessing Google. The report compared statistics from January this year to now,

The statistics revealed that prior to these changes, Google’s CSS competitors accounted for less than 1% of the results in the UK and around 2% of the results in Germany. Now, the report highlights that Google’s CSS competitors now occupy 32% in the UK and 33% of the market in Germany.

However, the report explains that these CSS provides are “not established online price comparison sites”, meaning that they are essentially posing as agencies on behalf of merchants. This change may end up having an increased impact of market consolidation as Searchmetrics predict that only the larger CSS companies will be able to keep up with the new system.

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