Are You A Google Shopping Sheep?

Google AdWords is 17 years old. That means some of our apprentices at Mabo are the same age as the advertising platform we use day in, day out. Crazy!

In that 17 years, Google have made a fair few changes to both the interface and the actual product itself – for a start you now have to pay to use it. Now what I’m about to say is by no means an attempt to try and get you to stop advertising through Google Shopping (if you currently are that is), because Google Shopping is a fantastic tool and extremely useful – often profitable – method of online advertising. However, what I am about to say will hopefully make you consider, or reconsider how you go about using Google’s traditional text ad advertising campaigns; the good old text ad.

An AdWords stalwart, the humble keyword-based text ads have themselves had changes of aesthetic over the years, but despite how they may look they can and will play a huge role in a successful advertising campaign. And here’s why:

More than 50% of web traffic is now from mobile; text ads are very prominent on mobile:

With searches on mobile in recent years making up half of all traffic, your text ads on mobile platforms are more important than ever. Take a look at this search for Nike trainers I recently did on mobile:

Just look at how much space is taken up by ads on that first page of Google. Granted, that’s not the whole of the display on the mobile device, however, it is all the available ad space. What all this means is that with more and more searches being completed on mobile, something that’s only surely set to increase, the importance of having great ad copy displaying amongst competitors has never been greater.




The spend on Google Shopping continues to rise:

In the UK and US the spend on Shopping in 2016 was 56% of advertising. The CPC is rising in Google Shopping auctions and this is something that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. With the text ad spend in the UK and US at only 44% in the first half of 2016, you can’t help but feel that there are spaces opening up in in the realms of text ad advertising, with potentially too many retailers placing an over-reliance on Google Shopping; ultimately missing out on the benefits of text ad advertising, where you can really sell the product through USP heavy ads, sitelinks, callouts and you can even add a phone number to the ad.

Google shopping spend

CTR & Quality Score – control them better through text ad advertising:

Improve your CTR & quality score and you can reduce the CPC; again, another reason not to just forget about text ad advertising.

Displaying your brand as an authoritative figure with text ads and Shopping:

Make a real statement about your brand within your market.

Take this for example:

Teak dining google shopping

When a potential customer searches for their ‘reclaimed teak dining table’, Sustainable Furniture in this instance show nearly utter domination because they have a text ad with sitelinks. It’s therefore important to not be dragged in to just using AdWords’ Shopping feature, and equally to not over-rely on it.

Text ad advertising isn’t going anywhere just yet, and despite the rising prominence of Shopping ads, they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked or pushed to one side. With the availability of testing ad copy, landing pages and the ad extensions that come with standard text ads, you’d be a fool to be a Google Shopping sheep and dismiss their importance and potential value to your advertising account.

Do you think you’re a Google Shopping Sheep? Are you relying too heavily on Google Shopping to drive traffic and sales through your AdWords advertising? If so, then get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we could help you solve your over-reliance on Google Shopping.

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