Google Targeting Accounts That Aren’t Using Automated Bidding

Over the past few weeks, Google Ads have been contacting the owners of accounts that haven’t switched to and started using Google’s automated bidding strategies.

It’s worth noting, that even if your Google Ads account is managed externally by an agency, Google will directly contact the owner of the account, potentially worrying clients.

Google Ads Email

In the email, Google refers to the agency as ‘they’ and includes the statement “they have denied to take down the update which might affect your performance”, which, at first glance makes it sound like the agency has refused to make a vital update within the client’s account. However, automated bidding is not mandatory. Good agencies will implement new features and updates tailored to each account, a blanket, one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t necessarily always work.

A strange approach adopted by Google, so maybe just be mindful that these emails are happening and be mindful that your clients may receive one.