Google Testing Black Ad Label In Search

In 2017, Google first started playing around with the “Ad” label that appears directly next to text ads on Google. Since their last trial, Google has stuck to the green rectangle with ‘Ad’ within in it in order to differentiate text ads from the Google organic search results.

The latest trial indicates that Google are looking to be testing a more subtle Ad label.

This Wednesday, Darren Taylor, owner of The Big Marketer, identified the new version of the “Ad” labels, which featured bolded black text and no rectangle border. The label is still located directly to the left of the ad text with the display URL next to it, but the black colour ant no border makes it extremely less noticeable.

New Google Ad Label

Arguably, this lack of distinction between paid and organic results could have a negative impact on click-through rates on ads. However, with this new feature still in the trial phase we have no statistics to make assumptions on.

There’s bound to be more to come from this trial so stay posted for the latest updates.