Google to introduce new ‘How To’ ads and replace Assistant Featured Snippet Answers


Advertisers may be asked to create ‘how to’ content and videos for Google to use as responses for Google Assistant and Google Home queries.

Google Thumbnail

Google is looking into using ‘how to’ content and videos for voice responses for Google Assistant and Google Home queries. They have plans to show the feature at the annual Google conference for software developers this May.

Google has been pitching to advertisers to create their own videos for Google’s new ‘how to’ feature for its smart assistant. The new ‘how to’ feature display videos with step-by-step instructions to users searching how to do something. Whilst Google isn’t launching this as an independent ad model, advertisers can use this in the feature as such.

It’s worth noting that none of these features are set in stone, but it’s very likely we will see this, or something similar, come into action in the very near future. Initially, this ‘how to’ content from advertisers will be free, Google has the potential to charge advertisers for promotion. As explained by Glenn Gabe, this would be an effective way for Google monetize Assistant and Home.



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