Google Trial New Shopping Ad Carousels


In a new test, Google is now displaying two Shopping Ad Carousels on mobile search results.

The test includes Google’s Showcase Shopping Ads and traditional product listing ads as one result. This means Google is running two individual carousels stacked on top of each other and a carousel of standard product listing ads appears at the top of the mobile search result. Underneath, there’s a carousel of showcase shopping ads.

Here’s what it looks like:

google shopping ad carousel

In this test, Google uses two of the most popular styles of carousels for this implementation:

  1. The regular product view for the PLA carousels.
  2. ‘Shop by store’ ad variations that include multiple different stores for the searched product.

In many instances of this trial, Google is not displaying additional ads underneath the carousels. Instead, the user is taken straight into the organic search result. For Google AdWords advertisers, this means they no longer have the opportunity to display their ads for certain searches – only products that feature in the product listing will be displayed. It is worth noting however that this has only occurred in a few instances

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