An exceptional day for and in the life of Lee Mableson…

Mabo were recently chosen as one of 5 agencies from all Google Partner agencies in the UK (proud moment) to participate in Google’s latest initiative, the Google Mobile Vanguard program. The program is a closed invitation only program ran by Google, it was designed by them to accelerate mobile knowledge of top performing premier google partners.

Vanguard - Mobile Expert Day

Why choose the best? Google want advertisers to succeed online, if they do, they will grow and spend more with Google. Advertisers only spend more if they achieve desired results, more often than not this will be with a specialist agency, like ourselves. They know, if advertisers have a great agency looking after them the likelihood of increased spend being more consistent is greater and growth is incremental for all parties.

We are Google Premier Partners

So, I recently had a trip over to Google’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, as part of the program with a couple of colleagues. I was personally asked to attend a ‘round table’ meeting with senior Google officials which did leave me a little apprehensive (this is Google after all!). We were chauffeur driven from the airport to our hotel close to the Google buildings and were swiftly ushered up onto the roof terrace of the Marker hotel. 6 courses of fine cuisine were served, your typical good show by Google as hosts… now I’m going to be honest, I’m a typical northern red blooded male and had no idea what I was eating but I ate it and it was nice.

The trips are usually split over two days, the night before and the ‘work’ day. The work day consisted of the usual tour of Google as well as chats regarding the mobile landscape and ended with a pitch contest (Craig, our head of sales won best story teller, ha!) but the highlight for me was the round table meeting. The agencies present were outnumbered 2-1 by senior Google officials which made for a very sobering (albeit pleasant) moment when we were summoned. I’d heard a couple of them speak at conferences so to be at such close quarters with them did feel kind of strange (again, in a good way).

In attendance were;
Alice Mansergh, Director of Google Marketing Solutions UK & Ireland.
Oisin O’Mir, Director of Google Marketing Solutions EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).
Helene Ambiana, Head of Partners EMEA.
Lorna Mellon, Head of Sales & Product Activation EMEA.

All things being considered, it was some group of people to be in discussion with.
We discussed the current issues and problems that we as an agency have in communicating attribution to clients.
We discussed clients hesitation investing in mobile.

We discussed the Google partners program and how to improve it.

Usually it’s only people in the office that hear my views/rants but this time round it was directors’ and heads of Google. More than anything, it was great to speak and be heard, especially by this group of people. My passionate view on crap agencies and what Google should do with them was well received and whilst they laughed, I was completely serious (just incase they read this).

This was an exception, I’m not sure I’ll be so involved in such close quarters with Google hierarchy again. That said, this really does show how far Mabo has come to have been chosen for Google’s Mobile Vanguard program in the first place. I and we are humbled.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all work and no play. Google are great hosts, they provided a free bar whilst we ate… which naturally we took advantage of 🙂

I’ll just leave this here…

I'll just leave this here...

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