How LinkedIn Data Can Improve Microsoft Advertising Results

In October last year, Microsoft made an extremely exciting announcement…

…advertisers were now able to use LinkedIn category data for their Microsoft Ads search targeting. 

This was huge! 

For Microsoft Ads advertisers this had the potential to add a whole new dimension to their paid search. 

If you missed the update last year or would like a reminder, don’t worry, we shared a blog when it was first released that you can take a look at here.

A year has passed since the update was released, so to mark the occasion we’re going to take a look at what opportunities became available and the impact they’ve had on Microsoft Advertising so far. 

How LinkedIn Data Can Improve Microsoft Advertising Results (1)

Following the update, Microsoft Advertising combined with LinkedIn Data now offers two core channels of targeting that marketers have become extremely dependent on: 

Demographic Audience Data. 

With LinkedIn professional data available on Microsoft Advertising, marketers are able to reach people based on demographic criteria such as age, gender and geolocation. Since acquiring LinkedIn data, advertisers are now able to fully refine their ads and select audiences based on the company they work for, job title, industry and other valuable information. Having this data available not only allows advertisers to make more informed decisions but allows them to adopt a much more granular approach to prospect targeting. 

User Intent Data. 

With the user intent data, Microsoft Advertisers are better equipped to target people based on what they’re doing online. This shows advertisers what potential customers are searching for, which provides an indication of what they’re interested in purchasing. This ultimately means advertisers are able to serve more relevant ads to their prospects. 

Microsoft Advertising is designed for data-driven marketers, and since teaming up with LinkedIn the network is far larger and more powerful than you may think. Microsoft understand that to conquer marketing in the fast-paced digital world, you need to make every customer connection count. The relationship LinkedIn and Microsoft Advertising have helped advertisers leverage data to target their ideal customers and boost their reach to the most relevant audience.