The importance of mobile site performance for PPC advertising

Having a good mobile site means there is a lot of opportunity for more conversions, better customer satisfaction and higher PPC ratings; this is because of the increase of mobile usage in recent years. Making sure your mobile site performance is looked at seriously will help you take advantage of the increasing number of searches on mobile.

Mobile has grown

The amount of Google searches in the current decade have grown hugely on mobile. For example in 2010 the amount of searches on mobile was 10%, in 2013 it was 30%, now its over 50%, being the first time it’s ever surpassed desktop searching.

mobile search data

Having good mobile performance gives you a good chance for better conversion rates and consumer satisfaction. This also may give you some edge over your competitors who may not have a mobile site as optimised as yours.

The Benefits of having a good mobile site

  • Faster site speed – Having a fast site speed will heavily impact the bounce rate of your site. The optimal site speed would be under three seconds as 40% of visitors leave after that amount of time. The percentage only goes higher the longer the page takes to load; so having good speed means more people will be accessing your site.

slow mobile site speed

  • An improved user experience – Having the site easy to navigate and understand on mobile will give you a much higher chance of conversions being made. It also has a chance of causing the user to use your service again as they may appreciate the experience you gave them.
  • A competitive advantage over competition – Since your offering mobile optimisation that your competition may not have, you have a chance to stand out from them and possibly gain more consumers/conversions.
  • Better PPC rankings – In 2015 Google introduced an algorithm called Mobilegeddon. * This created a system that gave websites a higher quality score if they offered mobile support. This means thats its best to have your site optimised for mobile as it gets better PPC rankings, without it you are greatly handicapping yourself from a good quality score and placement.

Mabo can help you with your mobile support.

Recently, Google developed the mobile Vanguard program that assists online retailers with improving their overall mobile performance. Mabo was selected as one of the five Google premier partner agencies to lead their new Vanguard program.

This means we will be able to keep you ahead of the competition when it comes to advancing through mobile search on Google, with you at the forefront of any PPC innovation and development.

We offer help to improve on: mobile page speed, improved usability and conversions through mobile plus much more.

If you advertise on Google AdWords and interested to see if your website could perform better on mobile then don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01287 244080

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