Important Changes To Google Ads Mobile Speed Score

Speed has become a growing aspect of user experience for some time now, hence the recent push search engines have made towards mobile speed score. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Google have updated the way they calculate mobile speed score.

This update now allows advertisers to analyse their mobile speed score for more of their pages. Ultimately, this provides advertisers with more data that allows them to make more informed decisions towards improving the speed of their mobile site.

Google have not yet confirmed how many clicks are now required to generate a mobile speed score, however we do know that factors that go into determining this metric include the page speed itself and potential conversion rate. Your mobile speed score is then reflected on a 10-point scale, with 1 being extremely slow, and 10 being extremely fast.

It is worth noting that since Google Ads introduced mobile speed score in July last year, this is the first major update to be released that changes how the score is calculated.

Your mobile speed score can be found in the “Landing Pages” tab. Google also offer a number of tools to help advertisers understand their mobile page speed including the Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator.