Important Updates To Google’s New Responsive Display Ads

Google’s latest update to Responsive Display Ads now lets advertisers upload 15 images, 5 headlines and more.

Important Updates To Google's New Responsive Display Ads

Google is introducing a new ad type named ‘responsive display ads’ that are set to become the new default ad type for the Google Display Network. These new responsive display ads will allow advertisers to upload up to 15 images, 5 headlines, 5 descriptions and 5 logos.

Google will then make use of machine learning to trial different combinations and display the ads that work best. This decision has been made as Google revealed utilising multiple headlines, descriptions and images results in an average of 10% more conversions a a similar CPA, as opposed to just one.

This new ad format is extremely similar to the existing ad type, ‘responsive ads’, however there are several important improvements. Previously, responsive ads for display allowed advertisers to only upload 2 headlines and 1 logo and description.

Google explain that the old responsive display ads will be replaced by the new responsive display ads when the ad type launches within the next few months.

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