Instagram Features.

Happy Birthday, Instagram!!! How has this wonderful social platform been in our lives for 10 years already? Making me feel old… to mark the occasion, they are providing us with the presents. New celebratory features and updates, ranging from visual additions to the expansion of its eCommerce tools. Which will be offered to users of the platform.

However, Instagram believes, the main celebratory element is its Stories Maps. These provide, for your eyes only, a look at where you’ve posted Instagram Stories from (when you’ve used a location sticker) over the past three years. The image below show’s us an example of this! However, this is not a huge stretch in terms of functionality as publicly posted stories which include a location sticker are already searchable within the app.

The second feature to be added by Instagram is variable icons, which will align with the iOS-14-inspired trend of customized home-screens, which has seen many users posting screenshots of their new iPhone layouts online. If you’re like me, you will remember the first Instagram icon, only feel’s like yesterday!!

The third update was an in-stream shopping for IGTV,  which sees a new shopping bag icon added to IGTV videos when shopping tags are applied by the creator. This will seem to be popular for many motivators and influencers who use IGTV.

It is no wonder Instagram have created these new features & updates, being available for ten years has caused 100 million people to use the platform every month and 50% of Instagram users watch a video in-app every day. Alongside this, 900 million emoji reactions are sent within the app each day and more than a million posts mentioning “meme” are shared daily.

It’s interesting to consider how Instagram has evolved over the last decade, and how social media usage overall has changed the way we interact and engage. Want to read more on this post? Check it out HERE. 

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