Instagram Reels.

It is official!!!! Instagram has added new branded content options, including branded content tags within reels.

Instagram has begun to put more emphasis on reels as it seeks to compete with the rise of the new popular platform, TikTok. By offering reels, TikTok has given users the opportunity to make money from their clips. The new tags will give creators the option to formulate deals with brands in order to generate revenue from their reels content.

In addition to this, Instagram’s also adding a new process which will enable brands and creators to work collaboratively on Instagram content creation, as opposed to brands having to promote a pre-existing post. Enabling advertisers to post from a creators account via the advertiser sending a request then the creator accepting the ad creation access. If successful could lead to bigger promotions for both brands and creators.

Instagram’s also changing its rules around branded content within stories which include product tags. Mentions, hashtags and locations will be able to be included. Again,  these elements allow more opportunities for promotional success.

We caught up with Social Account Manager, Chloe Moloney, to see what she had to say on the topic:


“Previously, we have relied on the influencers to create organic content for brands in order for us to them promote their content. From this new update, we are able to have more placements for these ads (Instagram stories and reels), and also have more of a touchpoint/communication with the influencer. Hopefully, it will make sponsored ads more user friendly.”



Want to find out more? Check out the full post HERE. 

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