Instagram Tests Adding Timers To Stories.

We have all been there… clicking & tapping & sighing through 100’s of Instagram stories from everyone we follow. According to screenshots posted by user Kyle Harris (and shared by Matt Navarra), Instagram is now testing new timer listings beneath story bubbles, which will show how long each story has left before it’s erased. 

With the timing being available, this may prompt people to view stories before they are removed from Instagram. Unless the individual add’s them to their highlights of course. However, to be noted by marketers, the screenshot highlights are not listed in chronological order. 

Whether this is a good or bad thing is hard to say… users may be interested to know how long they have left & Instagram engagement stats will definitely increase. However, users may potentially also feel pressured into checking out more stories as they appear. Instagram believe this update will be a personal perspective for people, but the impacts will be interesting.

An update from Instagram on their thoughts behind this new update is due to follow shortly.

We caught up with Social Account Manager Chloe Moloney, to see what she had to say on the topic:


“With the recent introduction of Reels, Instagram is continuing to find ways to create stronger organic engagements. Their latest test is adding timers to stories. On your home feed, you will be able to see the number of hours left before a story expires. Instagram is hoping that this will get people clicking on stories more before the content is no longer there. There have been a few questions surrounding this latest test though, such as if you post multiple stories how will the hours remaining be measured? Over the next few weeks, have a look at your engagement rate when posting stories to see what effect it’s having.”


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