Kiss 2020 Goodbye.

What a year! COVID, lockdown, the passing of Maradona and Vernon Kay eating a deer’s bollock. Safe to say 2021 cannot get any worse than 2020. However, that doesn’t mean your PPC should be left to just ‘tick along’ into the New Year. So what is it you should be doing I hear you ask, well luckily for you I have been forced into writing a blog about it! 

Now whether you have been managing PPC accounts for years, months or even weeks, preparation is your best mate. Prepping fresh ad copy and extensions etc. for post-Christmas is vital. There is nothing worse than seeing Christmassy ads after Christmas, it looks bad on the advertiser and also depresses the user because the festive season is over and they have to go back to work. My suggestion is to create new 2021 ads well in advance and schedule them to go live on the 1st to save you the hassle on New Year’s Day. 

Think about seasonality.
What is coming in and out of season in the New Year. Again, get that prep in ASAP so you don’t miss the curve and you get the maximum performance from it! Look at past years data to give you a better guide of what has worked historically in the account and on the site. 

Assessing 2020.
With this you can’t just look at your account at the campaign level and say this campaign worked, this didn’t push that, bin that. You need to get into the nitty-gritty, what (if any) individual ad groups/keywords/ad copy did well. You could shoot yourself in the foot by pausing a full campaign and lose out on small high performing parts of that campaign. 

Look at the big picture.
Good performance can go past just conversions, has a campaign/ad group got a high CTR but low conversion rate? Why is that? Is the landing page the best page to go to? Can the user experience of the page be better? Is the campaign contributing through assisted conversions? These are all the kinds of questions that need looking into before getting rid of parts of the account.

Performance projections.
These can be a very useful bit of prep for the next year, however, I would avoid projections for 2021 based on 2020 data. With a bit of luck next year we won’t see another breakout of a global pandemic. What lockdown meant this year which a lot of advertisers found was a bit of a mixed bag, we found a lot of our eCommerce clients thrived during lockdown with the intent to buy being extremely high. On the flip side of that, we had non-ecom clients who really struggled and/or ended up turning their accounts off. Either way, it’s not a year of data you want to base your projections on. You’re better off looking at 2019’s data when life was beautifully simple and you could walk into a pub and order a pint of lager without tracking and/or tracing. 

Keep your Ads accounts fresh.
Think of what you want from the account next year. New campaigns, bid strategies, new keywords, anything! Don’t be afraid to revisit some past failings, learn from them, find out what didn’t work and what could be done differently this time around.

Tears to our eyes to see the back of this god forsaken year but as far as PPC goes, let’s make them tears of joy!

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