Learn more about our MD, Lee Mableson

Lee Mableson (self-confessed PPC addict) is the managing director and owner at Mabo, the specialist PPC management agency whose very site you are on now.

Lee started working life training to be an accountant due to his love for numeracy but found it didn’t suit and he needed something more exciting to be involved in.

He began working in the PPC industry over 10 years ago and admits himself in having PPC OCD. His 10 years’ experience has seen him manage multi million pound advertising accounts across major industries.

He started Mabo just over 3 years ago and it is still the specialist agency focusing on exceptional PPC that is was back then. His aspirations are to become the biggest and best PPC agency in the country, this is shared by all at Mabo!


Full Name: Lee Mableson

Email: lee@mabo.co.uk (not to be abused)

Favourite Drink: Coffee

Favourite Food: Coffee

Favourite new PPC feature (at the time)?: Modified broad term!


Lee Mableson on social media;

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