Location Extensions To Be Automatically Activated In Google Ads

Location Extensions Automatically Activated In Google Ads

Google will automatically link your Google Ads account to a Google My Business account with shared domains and countries.

By making the most of this update and linking your Ad account to your Google My Business, you are able to show location extensions with your ads.

The ability to add location extensions to your ads is extremely beneficial for many advertisers; Google reports that three-quarters of people who search on their smartphone for something nearby then physically visited that business within the same day. Making use of location extensions means consumers can find your business locations directly from search ads and ultimately help you drive more shop visits.

For most advertisers, a link request will have been sent to their Google My Business account. Unless this link is declined, or the advertiser opts out, location extensions will be automatically activated on 22/10/2018 using the address from their Google My Business.

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