Mabo 2020 Client Conference Goes Virtual!!

What a week the 27th of July has been!! Thing’s got off to a shaky start when we had to cancel our initial plans for the 2020 Client Conference – this was due to be held in Middlesbrough. The dreaded ‘C-word’ ruined that & for yourselves & our team’s safety we decided to host an event at this time was not practical. 

So drum roll, please …….. Welcome, #MaboClientCon …. Virtual style!! We presented to you four day’s worth of virtual content from our keynote speakers on a range of topics.  Did you miss the client conference but want to know what went on? Well, we have captured key points from each day.  

First thing’s first we received a warm welcome from Managing Director Lee Mableson informing us of what was happening each day within #MaboClientCon. Operations director Rob Jackson then give us some key points on how our service has developed over the last 12 months. Below I have shared with you some of my favorite points from this talk:

  • 2019/20 has been a strong year for recruitment within Mabo. We have recruited 7 new PPC members, 3 new social team members, and 3 new sales recruits. 
  • Due to our team expanding so has our workspace. We have now opened an office within Glasgow alongside expanding our current office in Middlesbrough. 
  • If you read our ‘weekly fix of PPC’ blog every Thursday, you will know how important training at Mabo is. We are currently employing another team member to train current staff & our expansion has allowed us to create even more training space!! ‘Staff Self Scoring Program’ has also been implemented, allowing our team to rank themselves out of 10 on particular topics. This is then reviewed by Senior PPC Trainer Matthew Soakell who carries out training where necessary. 
  • Lastly, Rob spoke about how important maintaining relationships is within Mabo. We have strong relationships with Microsoft, Facebook, Google & Optmyzr. Not only does this allow our teams to be able to work to the highest standard, but it also allows them to bring you, our clients the best results. 

Tuesday was all about Microsoft Advertising and how this should be your secret weapon for paid search dominance. This talk was held by Simon Jacobson from Microsoft (in the industry for 15 years, wow!!). Mabo’s very own Phoebe Holford then presented examples our clients have achieved through implementing Microsoft.

  • Simon kicked off by letting us know how paid search generates the greatest return on ad spend in the U.S (impressive eh?) Out of all budgets impacted by the coronavirus, paid search was impacted the least. 
  • Microsoft carried out a study which revealed that, on average, search clicks are directly followed by a conversion 2.6x more than clicks from other ad types, including social and video!! 
  • Microsoft works within MSN, Bing, Windows, and more. Even reaching 1 billion across Windows 10!!! Wow. 
  • If that wasn’t enough, Simon also told us why we should invest in Microsoft. Trusted, Intelligent & empowering were just a few of the reasons. 
  • For those Mabo clients who have implemented Microsoft. Phoebe has informed us of the AMAZING results in different sectors. Taunton Leisure had a revenue increase of 117% and Showers To You had a CTR increase of 35%. 

Wednesday showed us how Feed Enhancement can improve your Google Shopping Results. This was presented to us by Senior PPC Trainer Matthew Soakell and Account Manager Holly Bellamy. 

  • Matthew started things off by telling us you should enhance your feed to improve the results you see from your shopping campaigns. 
  • Both team members then provided us with some amazing feed enhancement tips. Such as, think like your customers, what would you search for when looking for your product? Holly informed us descriptive words tend to be at the start. 
  • Expectations are set from the get go, as soon as a customer sees the four main attributes on the Google Search Page – Image, Title, Description & Price. Our team at Mabo will make sure we advise you on the highest quality of feed enhancement. 
  • Did you know an individual makes an impression of you within the first 7 seconds? You would want to be that good, right? Well, do the same with your products. 

Thursday was the last day of our #MaboClientCon & included why social media is more than just posting photos. This was brought to us by the wonderful social team Holly Shea and Chloe Moloney. 

  • Social media is able to support all areas of your customer journey from generating awareness to purchasing.  To have truly effective ads, Facebook uses a tool called the Facebook pixel that collects data about the people who visit your website. This data is then stored and used on Facebook to create audiences. 
  • Did you know 3.8 billion people are active on social media?? So, if that doesn’t make you want to use social platforms, then what will? 
  • You don’t have loads of followers? Don’t worry!! Really!! As long as your timing & content is right for your company, then it will work. 
  • Need help with your social platforms? Our social team have 29 active accounts, direct access to Facebook support training & resources. We can help YOU!

What an amazing week it was, everyone at Mabo would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful attendees (over 100). We love watching & helping your business grow & are looking forward to continuing to work with you.