Mabo Are 1 Of 36 UK Based Google CSS Partners

Googles Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partner programme is still a relatively new thing, something we became part of in the middle of 2018.

Google CSS Partner

The Google CSS Partner programme helps Comparison Shopping Services (CSSs) and merchants to connect more effectively with shoppers through Shopping ads. After completing an in-depth training, CSS Partners can help to maximise the potential of Shopping ads, making access seamless for merchants. The Google CSS Partner Programme now gives retailers a 20% more competitive edge through Google Shopping.

Since the inception of the programme, Google has started to add more stringent criteria to maintain your partner status. Because of this, the number of actual Google CSS Partners has dramatically decreased from well over 100 members to just 36!

Mabo are 1 of the 36 registered Google CSS Partners. Something we are massively proud of.

Mabo Technology Director Dean Yates Said:

“This is a huge achievement for our team and a huge statement of intent from our agency to ensure we achieve our goal of becoming the BEST and biggest PPC Management agency in the UK. As a specialist PPC Management Agency, we feel it is vitally important that we are at the forefront of all developments in PPC advertising. CSS is no different.”

This is just another sign of the huge progress we are making to ensure every client of Mabo gets the best chance possible to generate huge returns on their PPC spend.

If you are not taking advantage of the 20% advantage that being part of a Google CSS Partner can give you, then there are two things you can do from here:

You can use our FREE CSS calculator to see how much you can potentially save by using our CSS service.PPC Calculator

Alternatively, visit our CSS page within the website to learn more about how this works and to enquire.