Mabo and Search Camp 2017

670 miles, 15 keynote speakers, 3 nights away and maybe one or two beers… Ladies and gentlemen, the adventures of a PPC account manager at Search Camp 2017.

Matthew Soakell Search Camp

We had the privilege of representing Mabo at the inaugural Search Camp conference, held in Bognor Regis. For those of you who aren’t familiar with where Bognor Regis is, think down South, and then some more!

search camp 2017

Search Camp was split over two days, with sessions coming thick and fast from leading industry names and representatives from some of the worlds biggest brands. Think Microsoft, IKEA, Lego, Expedia – all present and keen to discuss what makes them tick from a search point of view!

The first day was packed with a whole host of topics, from Yandex and their insight into the current digital landscape, to getting the most out of Google Data Studio, the challenges IKEA have with global SEO, right through to Bing’s vision of future advertising, the day was full of insight, all of which will have spoken to everyone in the room in different ways.

Ikea search camp 2017

After the masses of info and food for thought on day one, we dined out courtesy of a 3 course meal provided by Turner’s Restaurant, with the bar open ‘til late and plenty of dodgy dance moves on display – we saw your dancing, Jim Banks!

search camp 2017 dance off

After a good night’s sleep we were ready to go again for day two, another day with something for everyone when it came to SEM and digital wisdom (although it has to be said that none of the Mabo contingency decided to join the 7.30am run that took place!) Greg Gifford kicked things off with one of the best SEO dedicated presentations you’re likely to ever see, featuring 141 comedy movie references in 145 slides! From there we heard lots more about SEO, mobile site speed and in-house marketing, and the day wrapped up with a fascinating keynote on future technologies and machine learning from Tom Cheesewright, who wore a Star Wars blazer nonetheless!

We then hit the road to travel all the way back up North, our heads brimming with information to discuss from the last 48 hours or so; although we did fit in an hour dedicated purely to singing Christmas songs!

A big thanks to Don’t Panic Events for arranging and putting the event on, and to all the speakers who discussed their passions across the spectrum of the complex SEM world.

See you all next year!

We here at Mabo always want to stay at the forefront of search engine marketing innovation. This way we can ensure our clients can benefit from our expert knowledge, to then stay ahead of their competition. If you feel your business could benefit from working with the paid search specialists at Mabo, then fill in the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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