Mabo Visits Google’s Automation Expert’s

Earlier this month I visited Google’s shiny new offices at Kings Cross, London. The purpose of this visit – to keep Mabo ahead of the tech curve in PPC. Whilst we often preach the importance of a manual approach to AdWords account management  it is foolish to shun automation. Afterall, it’s the future and if you are repeating a task multiple times it’s usually worth automating it.

Adwords Automation

If you’re wondering what kind of AdWords tasks can be automated here’s a little taster;

Account, campaign & adgroup creation
Competitor monitoring
Dynamic price updates
All levels of bid management (Keyword, item ID, location, device, demographic etc.)
Reporting & monitoring

And much, much more.

The above list is scratching the surface, especially once you start exploring Google’s various API’s and the ability to connect with external services. Of course you can strap automation onto pretty much anything but that doesn’t mean it would be worth doing. This is where the manual aspect comes into play, AI cannot replace human intelligence (yet), so the creative decision making element of PPC management is still there.

I work in R&D (research & development) so the opportunity to visit the headquarters of DeepMind, Google’s AI acquisition, filled me with excitement.

Automation - Deepmind

Armed with a handful of AdWords scripts and a suitcase of monster energy drink I travelled down to London to spend the day working with Google’s API experts. Throughout the day I worked on some of the latest AdWords features, studied some unreleased innovative products and had afternoon tea. Whilst the afternoon tea was very welcome the true asset of the day was the AdWords automation knowledge gained from the very people who built & maintain the platform.

This experience highlights the importance automation plays in our industry. The creativity this technology can inspire and the new opportunities that can be discovered by challenging conventional methods of AdWords management.

If you are worried about how your AdWords advertising could be effected by AdWords automation then the team at Mabo are on hand to help. Simply leave your contact details below and a member of our team will be in touch to see how we can help.

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