Google announce ‘Mobile Speed Score’ as a factor in ad performance

As part of their 2018 product announcement, Google have launched ‘mobile speed score’, which can affect ad performance.

Google Ads

Website speed has always been seen as a crucial contributing factor to the success of a website, eCommerce or otherwise.

Since 2008, Google has used the speed of your landing page as a factor in calculating Quality Score for keywords. A slow website therefore can lower the Quality Score and require a higher minimum bid. In turn, your cost per conversion and overall advertising spend increases in comparison to an advertiser – a competitor – with a quicker landing page speed on mobile. Google’s latest research highlights that 53% of mobile users will exit a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

As part of Google Marketing Live, which we’ve provided a recap on, one of the many announcements that will affect advertisers is the launch of Mobile Speed Score. Each landing page that advertisers use in their campaigns will be given its own score based on loading time. The score ranges from 1-10, with 10 being the best possible score. Google highlight that a strong Mobile Speed Score can lead to ‘improved ad performance’.

Advertisers can see the Mobile Speed Score for their landing pages in the new Google AdWords (soon to be rebranded as Google Ads) interface, by visiting the ‘Landing Pages’ tab within their AdWords account. There is the possibility that Google hasn’t allocated your landing page a score yet, as the feature is still being rolled out to users.

Now that Google are giving you a direct insight into the score your landing pages have, you can see whether individual pages are increasing your cost per conversion. Similarly, if you’re seeing low scores across a range of your landing pages, it’s time to look into what could be slowing your website down.

With an list landing pages with a frowned upon loading time, you can use tools like ‘Test My Site’ and PageSpeed Insights, both developed and maintained by Google themselves, to get a better idea of how you can lower that load time, lower that ad spend and ultimately increase your conversions.

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