My Relationship With My Clients Is Everything To Me

No, honestly!

I know what you’re thinking: “you’ve been told to say that” but actually when asked the question of “what do you love most about your job”, this is exactly what I said.

I think it’s easy to perceive digital agencies these days as faceless. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience, had a lack of communication with the very people running your Google Ads account or actually didn’t even know them at all! Well, that’s where Mabo is different.

For me (and so many of my friends who work here too) one of the most rewarding parts of the whole job is client relationships. Of course, improving year on year, month by month on your Google advertising is a huge part of it, but it wouldn’t really mean much if we weren’t able to celebrate the wins with you at the end of it all.

Now I know that everyone is different and communication levels can vary, but for me, there’s nothing better than picking up the phone and just having a chat. I now have some clients that each time we talk, we talk like friends, not like robots repeating a script. I want to know how your day was, did you enjoy your holiday, how’s your new puppy?! Because how could I possibly care about your PPC and performance of your business if I don’t care about the person at the other end of the line?

We all know what it’s like to have that number flash up on your phone screen and get that immediate feeling of dread – come on, how many times have you had that? When the only time you hear from someone is when they have bad news? I never want to be that person – Mabo never wants to be that company! So we call you. We email you. We keep you in the loop. Of course, it’s impossible for every bit of news to be great, amazing, FANTASTIC – but perhaps if 90% of the time it is, then other 10% might not be so bad. And if we’re not talking in the first place, how are you even supposed to know what’s going on in your Google Ads account, let alone be it good or bad?

It’s funny – we’re a specialist PPC agency and my gosh, we are brilliant at what we do and I say that with pride, but we want to break the stereotype. Whoever said that talking and learning about business had to be so robotic and clean cut? I love hearing my clients talk about their achievements, how they’ve built their name up from the ground, why they’re so passionate about what they do. Learning about your products, your market and your strategies is interesting. Hearing your goals and what you want to achieve going forward with Mabo is engaging and exciting!

We want to grow alongside you, to be excited with you and to help push you to meet those goals. And that’s what we put first: you. And you know what, I’m sure that the moment you speak us, you’ll realise that too.