New AdWords Tools To Test And Measure YouTube Video Ads


Within YouTube’s new creative suite, advertisers will soon have AdWords tools to test and measure the creative elements of YouTube video ads.

Youtube and Google AdWords

At the Cannes Lions Festival last week, Google announced that they are introducing new AdWords tools to allow YouTube advertisers to measure and test the creative aspects of their video ads. These changes will be active within the newly launched YouTube creative suite and include four new tools:

  1. Video Experiments
  2. Video Creative Analytics
  3. YouTube Director Mix
  4. Video Ad Sequencing

Specifically, video experiments will be launching in beta in the very near future are designed to convert non-working media spend into working media spend in real ad environments. The benefit of YouTube for advertisers is that people only watch what they want, meaning it is an ideal testing platform for reliable results.

These new tools will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of YouTube advertising, ultimately easing the process for advertisers.

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