New Bing Ads Competition Tab

Bing Ads has introduced a new Competition Tab that now offers insights recommendations.

New Bing Ads Competition Tab

Bing Ads has introduced a new Competition Tab within the web interface. This update offers several new ways for advertisers to view their audience insights as well as offering machine learning-powered recommendations.

There are two main features within this update: Recommendations and Audience Insights.

1 – Recommendations

Within the Recommendations section of Bing Ads, the interface now offers suggestions for advertisers to improve performance against the competition. These recommendations are formulated by machine learning. As this is the first feature of this kind within Bing Ads, they are have selected seven key areas to focus upon:

  • Expanding your reach.
  • Add similar keywords.
  • Optimise your campaign location targets.
  • Target new locations.
  • Fix campaigns that are limited by budget.
  • Increase competitiveness of bids on keywords.
  • Optimise campaign device type targets.

2 – Audience Insights

The new Competition Tab provides advertisers with a clearer, more efficient way to view Audience Insights. The default view for analysing Audience Insights is to display how your impression share has been trending against your competition.

There is also a drop-down menu that shows competitive trends for other metrics including overlap rate, average position, top of page rate and outranking share. This data can also be segmented and filtered using factors such as campaign, ad group, device type, the day of the week, or any Audience Insights metrics.

Bing Ads are incorporating more and more machine learning into their platform in hope of improving the overall experience for advertisers. If you feel you miss the latest Bing Ads updates and feature releases, then contact Mabo today to see how your PPC advertising could benefit from working with our team of PPC management specialists.

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