New Features For A Better Keyword Planner

Are you starting your first Google Ads campaign or looking to get more traffic from Google through your existing advertising?

Then first, you need to do your keyword research to understand what people are actually searching for when they look for your product.

Google has a free tool available for doing just that, Google Keyword Planner, (formerly Google Keyword Tool).

This powerful tool has been around (in its current guise) since 2013, with a few changes along the way. However, Google recently announced some exciting new features which the guys at Mabo have been itching to test out.

A Better Keyword Planner Tool

They labeled the announcement as “A Better Keyword Planner” and it certainly is just that.

The highlights include:

Keyword trends: Download information from Google Trends to view the seasonality of your keywords and take advantage of this information when deciding when to roll out your campaigns.

Save an idea to an existing campaign: Discovered a keyword you’d like to target? Simply add it to your existing advertising campaigns at the click of a button.

Suggested budget: The question I probably get asked more than any other is “What do I need to spend?”. Google now hands this information to us on a plate, telling us the suggested daily budget for a particular keyword.

Competition value column: Looking for those niche keywords with low competition so you can take advantage of the lower CPC’s? The Competition value column will give you all the information you need.

Google Keyword Planner is a vital tool for new and existing advertisers looking to grow their paid search traffic. The addition of these new features is sure to increase the (already huge) benefits of the tool even further.