New Features Within Google Ads.

BIG NEWS FROM GOOGLE! Google have always been fans of ‘machine-learning’ and have introduced a brand new insights page within Google Ads User Interface.  This has been done In response to the current pandemic we are facing.

Jerry Dischler, vice president and GM of Ads at Google, spoke about the matter stating, “We’ve now had a chance to take a step back and figure out what some of the long-term trends are, and we either create a new effort or accelerate existing efforts in order to try to play into those trends,” Which is where the new insights page comes in to play.

Due to the pandemic, there was a change in consumer behaviours, which was mainly a result of stay-at-home orders. We have all been there, at one stage I seen my postman more than I saw my family members… In response to this, Google released ‘Rising Retail Categories’, a tool which surfaces fast-growing product searches.  On top of that, a new Insights page in the Google Ads UI will be created to bring in data from Rising Retail Categories alongside, Google Trends data which is customised to the account.

This will allow advertisers to see the current trending searches, auction insights and interest predictions which will be tailored to their specific account. Alongside, integrating with recommendations (as shown below).

Within the upcoming months, insights will be rolling out in beta, firstly within the U.S. before hitting the UK in the fourth-quarter of this year. Audience and forecasting data will also be seen to make an appearance, which will bring the advertisers a deeper insight.

We caught up with Mabo’s Operations Director Rob Jackson, to see what he thought on the new feature:


“It’ll be interesting to see the level of detail this will provide; whether it will be genuinely catered to the specific business or maybe more broadly catered to the account’s market/industry. But there is an opportunity for Google to provide some really helpful information to advertisers. I would add a word of caution either way though. Google will likely also make it very easy to enact recommended changes off the back of these insights so just make sure they make sense for your business, strategy and budget before agreeing to changes.”


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