New Google Ads Editor Update

Google Ads Editor has recently been updated with some new features that should prove to be handy for Google Ads advertisers.  

New Google Ads Editor Update

Share Negative Keyword Lists 

To make sure your ads aren’t appearing in listings for any unwanted keywords you can now share your negative keyword lists across accounts by applying them within the Editor’s Shared Library. 

Edit Pane

You’re now able to condense and hide empty fields within the edit pane. For advertisers, you’ll be pleased to know this means less scrolling and less time searching for the fields you actually need. 

Search For Errors

When you find an error or a warning within your account you’re able to search for similar errors across all of your campaigns or accounts. 

Image Names

Google Ads Editor will now display the name for images that have been downloaded straight from a Google Ads account. Here, when the new image is uploaded to Editor from the computer it’ll be added to Google Ads with the file name as the image name. 

Maximise Conversion Value For Search Campaigns

Search campaigns are now able to make use of the Maximise Conversion Value Bidding Strategy. 

New Campaign Support 

Google Ads Editor now supports app campaigns for engagement and Discovery campaigns. If you’re already running them you can now edit them within Editor, and, if you’ve not yet took advantage of the beta, you can test them out in there too.

Although these changes may seem somewhat minor, they can only be seen as a positive and should prove to save advertisers time when managing campaigns.