New Google Ads Smart Bidding Option Now Available

Store visits have been made available within Google Ads as a smart bidding optimization option.

New Google Ads Smart Bidding Option Now Available

For advertisers who have store measurement within their Google Ads account, this new update means that smart bidding can take into consideration both physical footfall and online conversions.

Where Is It Available? 

Store visits in smart bidding are available within both Search and Shopping campaigns and are ready to be implemented within your account immediately.

How Can I Make The Most Of It? 

You can introduce store visits conversions into smart bidding at both account and campaign level. As a new feature, most will prefer to test it out at campaign level before taking it account-wide. It is worth noting that you’re able to adjust this setting at campaign-level for Search campaigns, but if you’re wanting to do the same for Shopping campaigns, you’ll have to get in touch with Google.

Why Should I Make The Most Of It?

For advertisers, this update could unlock a huge amount of hidden potential within your account. This new smart bidding option allows advertisers with brick and mortar stores to use that data to optimise for more footfall in addition to more online sales.