New Microsoft Advertising Interface Now Available

Advertisers are now able to make the most of the new Microsoft Advertising Editor.

New Microsoft Advertising Interface Now Available

Microsoft have welcomed a fresh look and some brand new features that have been designed to make the ads platform much easier to use.


Microsoft advertising is trialling ‘recommendations’ within Editor. The user interface will now display helpful suggestions based on artificial intelligence that could improve the performance of your ads. These recommendations cover a range of aspects within your account such as adding new keywords, setting estimated mainline bids and fixing ad groups without ads or keywords. You’ll be able to spot them from the little lightbulb icon that’s displayed next to them, from here you’ll then have the option to “fix” or “dismiss” the recommendation.

New Search Box 

The basic and advanced search box have been combined enabling advertisers to use filters to search for very refined results. Before this trial, to make use of the advanced search option you’d have to go through a pop-up dialog in addition to your basic search; now, editor will just display one single search box with basic and advanced search.

Undo and Redo 

You’ll now be able to revert back to an original version (undo) and redo the last action you took on editor. These new options can be found in the upper right corner and should hopefully prove to be very useful for advertisers.