New Plans to Monetize Google Assistant

Over the past few months Google has expressed more and more interest in monetizing Google Assistant, Google Home. Here’s some of the features that have started to emerge…

Google Assistant Ads

Earlier this year, Google began testing ads in Assistant results on smartphones. Then, earlier this month, Google announced that ads would be officially available in Google Assistant results.

YouTube Music Audio Ads 

Google also revealed that anybody with access to a Google Home smart speaker would now have access to the free version of YouTube Music, which is ad-supported. It’s argued that Google have made this decision to compete with free Amazon Music that’s available on all Alexa devices. It’s also worth noting that although Google are offering a free version of YouTube music, they will undoubtedly, use the Google Home smart speaker as a platform to up-sell users to the premium version.

Transaction Revenue 

Over two years ago, Google suggested introducing fees attached to transactions made on the Google Home and Assistant. From this idea, Google launched Google Express ordering and Google Pay. At the moment, the search engine doesn’t charge merchant fees, but this may well change over time.

Local Service Providers

Google has began displaying a subset of local listings in response to queries for local service providers showing on Google Home and Google Assistant. Whilst there are no ads in these local listings, it would come as no surprise if Google began charging a fee for a ‘Google Guarantee’ certification or started including a “sponsored” disclaimer to notify users that they were adverts.

Smart Displays

It’s been reported that Google may be renaming its smart display “Google Nest Hub” and will be releasing a larger-screen version. It would be extremely easy here for Google to start including sponsored search or display ads on the screen.