New Update To YouTube Attribution

YouTube now includes ‘engagement’ for YouTube action ads at 10 seconds, not 30 seconds.

New Update To YouTube Attribution

In the latest update, YouTube revealed that it will be changing the attribution criteria for TrueView for action video ads. These ads are best suited for performance advertisers and feature call-to-action banners in the lower section of video ads.

There are two key attribution points that will be changing. Firstly, YouTube will now factor in ‘Engagement’ whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or more of a TrueView for action ad when using maximise conversions or target CPA bidding. Before the update, this used to be 30 seconds as opposed to 10. In addition, a ‘Conversion’ will be counted by default when a user makes an action on an ad within 3 days of an ‘engagement’. This is an update as previously it used to be within 30 days.

YouTube has introduced the above updates to better reflect the relationship between video ad exposure and conversions.

For advertisers, this means there is now a shorter engagement-to-conversion window, meaning faster adjustment times for target CPA campaigns and up-to-date reporting.

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