Old AdWords Interface Will Be Phased Out By 2019


Google has confirmed that AdWords will be fully converted to the new experience by the end of 2018.

google adwords

The new design allows for streamlined reports and the ability to create campaigns based on business goals. It provides a faster and more intuitive experience, centralised around helping advertisers achieve results.

It is worth noting however that not all features will be transferred from the old version. Google has improved the interface based on user feedback, meaning advertisers can now benefit from a faster process, more intuitive icons, the ability to hide and unhide paused or removed items, and see more of performance data by expanding the statistics table. The new interface also includes important features such as Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Google Analytics columns to the Keyword Planner.

The new AdWords experience will become the exclusive way for advertisers to manage accounts by the end of the year. Before the switch takes place, Google will notify advertisers via email and detail the information and resources needed to prepare. To make the switch as seamless as possible, all reports, filters and automated rules will be automatically transferred from the old interface to the new.

Old AdWords Interface

google adwords interface

New AdWords Interface

new adwords interface


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