2017 Quarter One Pay Per Click Review


As any agency or advertiser knows, PPC advertising is an ever changing platform. Not only do Google and Bing like to change things on an all too regular basis (keeps our account managers on their toes at least), but user behaviour also changes frequently.

Because of that, as a pay per click management company, we are constantly adapting our advertising methods for our clients to ensure they stay ahead of their competition and generate a good return from their PPC advertising.

Below we have got together some interesting stats based on how user behaviour has changed, but also what major updates Google have made to their AdWords platform in quarter one:

User Behaviour

  1. Mobile still continues to be the growth channel. Not only through normal search such as researching, but through paid search mobile searches actually had a share of over 50% reaching just below 60%. This is based on Q1 last year where mobile devices click share was just below 50%. Tablet search has gone down to 10% with desktop taking just over 30% of the click share.One point to take into account here is the importance of attribution modelling. Generally a user does not purchase after their first click so your advertising has to reflect that. Make sure you keep an eye out for the whitepaper we will be developing for this.
  2. But with that growth in mobile, we have seen an increase in CPC on mobile devices. Mobile generally can still get you a cheaper click, but the gap is closing. Google are making a huge push towards mobile still, a point further proven by the Vanguard programme we are a part of.
  3. Google shopping continues to grow in regards to how it is used and the investment by the retailer. One agency has reported that their clients have seen a 44% YoY growth on Google shopping spend which is pretty impressive. Google are starting to push shopping ads to be more prominent in the SERPS due to how well they have performed for their advertisers. Marketing Land have also reported that shopping results may well start being distributed to the display network.One reason why this growth has happened at such a rate in the US as reported by iProspect, is that Amazon are advertising through Google Shopping there. They are not advertising in the UK as of yet, but as soon as they do we will let you know.
  4. Voice search is becoming more and more important. Google released Google Home in the UK in April. This is on top of Amazon’s Alexa and the likes of Siri and Cortana growing in use. Personal assistants are huge and will continue to grow in usage and importance. From this growth voice search will do exactly the same. According to Tractica, today there are over 500m people using a voice search-powered assistant of some sort and they believe that by 2020 around half of all searches will be made by voice.We will be writing a post on how to prepare your AdWords account for the rise in voice search so be sure to look out for that. 

Google 2017 Updates

  1. We reported back in February about the launch of the new IF function. This feature helps you customise your ads based on the user such as their device. Have a read of our blog to see how they work and how to implement them into your account.
  2. Negative keywords are now able to be shared across the whole account,as well as at ad group and campaign level. Every account has certain terms that have no relevance whatsoever with their products or services, so ensure you implement them account wide.
  3. In March, Google released the ability to show local information if your advertising is trying to generate more store visits. This is a great tool, but it’s also another way to make your advertising stand out ahead of your competition.
  4. In the same month, Google announced how exact match keyword types will be changing. This is a huge update and it will change how some advertisers over-rely on exact match terms within their account. We wrote a post on this update in April for you to look over – read it here.
  5. Price extensions are available on all devices, whereas previously they were on available for desktop only. You now have the opportunity to utilise these more to help improve the amount of relevant clicks your advertising generates.

I cannot stress enough how much of an ever-changing platform pay per click advertising is. The importance of having a trusted specialist in charge of your account is becoming more and more important. Therefore, if you do feel you need more help or assistance with your PPC advertising, then please feel free to complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch:

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