acotis jewellery diamonds

Facebook Advertising helped improve the sales and overall R.O.I. for designer jewellery retailer, Acotis Jewellery.



Acotis Jewellery operates in a very competitive market, which means ensuring you have to advertise through as many profitable and relevant channels as possible. Facebook Ads being one of those channels. Acotis were fairly new to this form of advertising. That did put a bit of pressure on our team to ensure we delivered results quickly.

We analysed the data we had available from Google Analytics, Google Ads and the organic Facebook following and then created ads based on there. From that point, we were able to further analyse what audiences engaged with what brands and built out further strategies from there.

Holly Shea, Senior Social Media Account Manager:

“As with any new advertiser, we had to really work hard to get the best data possible to ensure we had as much information as we could to produce a strategy that would generate profitable sales, quickly. Thankfully, Acotis Jewellery had been a Google Ads client for a long time and had a strong Facebook following. That gave us a good idea on what audiences to work with to then optimise from there to improve performance”


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