MABO Media… have proved themselves as a great asset
to our business in no time at all


*Mabo performance peak month vs previous year


All About Safes had achieved some success through PPC but, as with many online businesses we speak to, they engaged with us because they wanted to know if there could be an improvement to the return on investment they were achieving and whether they could grow their market share through Google AdWords.


We established during the initial consultation that Google Shopping was a key performer and generating the highest ROI of the existing campaigns yet it was only a relatively small percentage of the overall AdWords spend. Leading the way on spend was a dynamic search campaign. While these can add great value for generating new keywords and delivering additional long tail searches, the core search traffic should be built into highly targeted standard search campaigns where bids/ads/quality score can be managed and optimised much more effectively. So our initial work required a re-balancing of spend; pushing Google shopping through individual high performing categories, and building out the search campaigns to cover the majority of the highest quality traffic while limiting any waste.


Our initial approach was always going to result in a quick win for the ROI but also allow us to better achieve the client’s goals long term. Improving ROI can be quite simple if you simply cut waste and lower spend, but the aim was to balance that ROI improvement with higher sales volumes. And having increased spend through the right areas that was exactly what we were able to accomplish. Giving higher prominence to the Google shopping campaigns meant we were able to find new opportunities for sales while maintaining the strong ROI the platform had already achieved and through more highly targeted search campaigns we were able to replace the waste of the previous campaigns with more of the high quality traffic.



The biggest highlight to date was during the peak month within the first year of Mabo’s management. We had seen good improvements to both ROI and revenue through the early months, but it’s often during the peak periods when the true impact is felt and that was definitely the case with All About Safes. The headline stats at the top of the page certainly speak for themselves.

MABO Media are a genuine delight to work with and have proved themselves as a great asset to our business in no time at all. With this now being our 4th PPC agency we finally feel that we have a company who have the strategic approach to online advertising that we have been looking for.

Joe Lander | Sales and Marketing Manager

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