We’ve tried a few PPC agencies in the past but none have come close to the results Mabo are achieving

(Mabos first year of management vs the previous year)




Before Biketart handed over PPC Management to ourselves, their Google Ads account had been running for nearly 11 years. During this time, the business had struggled to hit advertising targets and the account was performing at 20% below target ROAS.

All shopping ads were grouped within one campaign and the majority of spend was coming through one, all products target, meaning the structure within the account was lacking. There was also very little in terms of Text Ad campaigns.

Finally, the account was significantly restricted by budget. As the ads weren’t hitting the target, the client was reducing the budget, meaning the ads were limited by budget and struggling to improve performance.

The above issues highlighted clear challenges to overcome, rectify and ultimately eliminate.


In the initial stages, we restructured the clients shopping campaign. As previously mentioned, all shopping ads were grouped into one campaign, with the spend being pushed through one, all products target. To rectify this, we essentially mirrored Biketart’s website. This allowed us to split the shopping campaign into main categories with subcategories underneath, meaning we could build and maintain control of low and high-value items.  

We then expanded the search campaigns and added remarketing campaigns. Following the success from the initial changes, we then increased the daily budget for the campaigns in order to remove the ‘limited by budget’ issue we had previously been faced with.


By the end of our first-month managing Biketart’s account, we were exceeding the ROAS target by 30%. This instilled confidence in the client, so much so they made the decision to inject more budget into the campaigns, allowing for greater results.

The continued success meant the account grew from strength to strength until we hit our clients peak period, to the point where within just a few months of working with us, the client saw a great improvement in ROAS.

These results have had a much greater impact on Biketart’s business, in more ways than just Google Ads. The revenue created from Google Ads has allowed our client to not only re-invest return into their advertising but has delivered record months in terms of business growth. Biketart have been able to grow and expand their business, taking on more staff and building their brand, brought from the return from their PPC.


In the space of just a few months, we had broken previous revenue records by over 3 times.  


“We’ve been with Mabo about 8 months. We have seen continuous improvement on our campaigns throughout this period and our return on spend is very good. Communication with our account manager Glen is very good and Mabo have always made the effort to understand our business. We’ve tried a few PPC agencies in the past but none have come close to the results Mabo are achieving.”

A Westwood – Owner
(on reviews.co.uk)

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