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Mabo goes “Back to School” for record-breaking Google Ads performance with Blunts Shoes.


The “Back to School” season is a hugely important period for well-established shoe retailer, Blunts Shoes. Because of the impact, COVID-19 had on the industry in 2020, the need for a profitable and high performing campaign was higher than ever.

Because of this, we had to re-think our strategy on the previous years to really hone in on as much relevant traffic as possible.

Because we have worked with Blunts for three years previously, we had some good, historical data to work from. After reviewing that, we decided to split how we attracted certain levels of traffic to leverage visitors into various audience groups. With thanks to Google Smart Bidding, we were able to set a high-level Target R.O.A.S. campaign to attract people with higher purchase intent. We then used standard search advertising with very targeted “Back to School” ads to target more upper and middle funnel traffic.


The Thoughts Of Blunts Shoes;

“Overall we are impressed with Mabo Media in helping us with our PPC and other campaigns they do for us. The work and effort they put into ensuring peak seasons, such as “Back to School” do make a huge difference to the eCommerce side of our business.”

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