“…Mabo are definitely the experts in the PPC world.

(First 6 months of Mabo’s first calendar year vs previous year)

Boomf are a personalised gift company that offer a unique range of gifts delivered through the letterbox. They have changed the game for gifting by adding a sprinkle of magic with their photo printed marshmallows and exploding confetti cards.




The biggest hurdle we initially had to overcome was Boomf’s scepticism about using an agency:
“I was reluctant to employ an agency at first.” said Hannah Kennedy, Boomf’s digital manager;
“We pride ourselves on developing marketing skills in-house and leading our industry in digital marketing. However, due to the time-consuming nature of AdWords, great results were looking less and less achievable, and changing this was always bottom of our small team’s list.”

Boomf eventually joined our service but came on board during peak season in the run up to Christmas. In what was a crucial trading period we could not afford any drops in performance but also needed to make the most of the opportunity.

What we noticed from the outset was that the campaign structure and the keyword match types choices didn’t control traffic correctly. Searches were not necessarily triggering through the correct keyword and often meant Google users were not being shown the most relevant ads or being directed to best landing page – so as a result quality score had significant room for improvement. The use of broad match keywords was also bringing in a proportion of irrelevant traffic that was just wasting budget.

Boomf were also using Google shopping with some success but branded searches through shopping were being charged at a much higher cost per click than the equivalent through search campaigns and that was limiting performance.


As Boomf came on board with us in such a crucial period of the year for them, we took the decision not to completely restructure the account and begin testing immediately and just focus on quick wins in the run up to the festive period. So we immediately began adding negative keywords to block any waste on irrelevant searches, but also to direct traffic correctly so we showed the correct ads for searches and pointed visitors to the optimal landing page – therefore having an immediate impact on quality score.

We looked at the vast array of past data to analyse previous patterns so we could harness the peak with appropriate bidding. We also implemented a thorough location targeting strategy and a granular ad schedule with future data in mind so we could manipulate and optimise our bidding further.

As we had no direct competition and the cost per click was so high we also took the decision to exclude brand searches from the Google shopping campaigns so the brand was directed exclusively through search (and pointed to ads with cheaper clicks). That allowed us to focus on earlier funnel searches and growth opportunities through shopping and put the savings into driving new business.

Upon review of the remarketing campaigns we realised that the existing ads and audiences didn’t always deliver the most catered message and the products could be better showcased, so we also took the step to create unique audiences for each product range and got the fantastic graphic design team at Boomf to create us new catered ads for each.

Finally once Christmas had passed and January came we completed a full restructure of the campaigns to tighten up any keyword match types and to expand and develop the search campaigns to utilise spare budget and target a broader reach of highly targeted potential customers.


The waste savings helped an immediate drop in spend and the initial changes also benefited account-wide quality scores leading to a welcome drop in the average cost per click. But due to the analysis and considered decision making on the bidding strategy we were also able to find lots of opportunities for conversion growth and show an immediate improvement (which helped ease any scepticism about the agency relationship). Once the January changes also came in we saw further improvements in performance and even higher quality score rewards resulting in a continued cost drop but we were able to more than double the previous years revenue at the same time. There are a few more peaks in the first 6 months of the year and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were all record days for AdWords.

With the client’s trust and confidence cemented we helped develop a wider strategy to deliver further expansion and have since move into managing Bing Ads on behalf of the client as well as branching out internationally to deliver thousands of pounds more revenue through US targeted campaigns.


The biggest highlight was the quick turnaround in confidence from the client. Many online businesses mistrust agencies either due to previous poor experience or just the general reputation of agencies within the industry. So we knew we had our work cut out to convince Boomf they had made the right decision and thankfully they were open-minded enough to give us that opportunity. We work hard to understand the needs of our clients and to feel like an extension of their business and Hannah Kennedy was surprised by how quickly we proved ourselves;

“After two weeks I was astounded at the results – less spend and more sales! Mabo Media are not only experts at Google AdWords but also at being part of our team. Hiring Mabo didn’t just give us great results on Google AdWords (ROI is up 1000%) it was a crucial step in achieving the best Q1 we have ever had. I have never been so thrilled to be wrong”


“Mabo Media are an absolute pleasure to work with! They have turned our AdWords account around and it is now performing at maximum efficiency with no wasted spend or unnecessary bids.

They are extremely obliging and respond to any suggestion/ query/ general email immediately. You can be completely involved with your account manager or totally hands-off depending what works best for you. Mabo are definitely the experts in the PPC world.

Highly recommended!”

Hannah Kennedy – Digital Manager
(on reviews.co.uk)

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