“…we are saving money and increasing sales thanks to the team at Mabo.”


Prior to our involvement with this account it had been managed solely in-house. So while physical work of restructuring, recycling and other changes began immediately, we also took a great deal of time to familiarise ourselves with all aspects of the business such as KPI’s, competitors, profit margins, USP’s so as not to lose any of the vital company knowledge previously put to use in the account.

Within the first few months we’d hit our initial goal of improving ROI and hitting a specific percentage, but as we approached a key period of the year we had a conversation with the client where we discussed whether the KPI’s we’d initially set were still suitable. It transpired that really neither of us knew the answer to that, so based on our knowledge of the product profit margins and the historical click, CPC, conversion rate data we were able to develop several scenarios testing different ROI targets and work out the optimal ROI target that allowed for the highest cash profit. This then gave us the ideal KPI to make the most of the opportunities through the peak season. Needless to say the results have been fantastic ever since.

“We have found, in the short time we have been with them to be highly effective, knowledgeable and reliable.
They have worked hard to understand our business and are extremely responsive to our ideas. Already we are saving money and increasing sales thanks to the team at Mabo.”

Ian Carter | Managing Director

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