Curtains and blinds specialist, curtainsandblinds4homes achieved incredible growth with a 33% conversion increase each month, year on year.



Made-to-measure curtains and blinds company, curtainsandblinds4homes (Arcadia Textiles) have been running Google Ads for many years and have worked with several agencies along the way. They had key objectives to hit for their business to grow but have never had the opportunity to hit them.

After our initial talk curtainsandblinds4homes mentioned their ‘problem’ areas, these were online targets that would have an impact on and offline also, so these became our focus whilst keeping in mind their target CPA.

The account had a lot of historical data that we were able to dig deep into. Knowing our audience with this one was key.

Curtains & Blinds 4 Homes thoughts

“Mabo have been great. They didn’t over promise, they have delivered, and six months in they are still in touch all the time and looking to try new things.


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