Decorative Mirrors increased conversions and their ROAS by
80% through Google Shopping working alongside Mabo.



After a new website in 2019, online retailer Decorative Mirrors unfortunately saw a negative impact to their Google shopping feed. All of their Google shopping ID’s had lost their quality score and the new feed was therefore not optimised to retain the best results.

We had all hands on deck to come up with ideas to rectify the situation and after a discussions between ourselves and Decorative Mirrors we gathered the accounts historical Google shopping data and started over. We were able to determine that they achieved a higher conversion rate from search terms that contained style and colours of mirrors; that was our focus and starting point to get their Google shopping back on track.

Sound familiar? Maximise your Google Shopping ROAS, see how we can help you.

Decorative Mirrors thoughts

“… Since taking over managing our Google Ads our return on ad spend has increase very significantly. As a business owner I am now free to concentrate on other challenges rather than pretending I am an Google Ads specialist!”

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