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*Year on year comparison (1st month with us Vs the same month a year later).

The Disc DJ Store is one of the largest DJ & studio equipment specialists in the UK. Richard and his team have over 30 years combined experience in the DJ/studio industry so they required an equally successful specialist to take their paid search marketing to the next level. They came to us with the goal of breaking into that top 10% of the market share and it quickly became apparent that their unrivaled service would work perfectly in tune with our PPC expertise.

We’re still making history with our friends at ‘The Disc’, here’s the story so far…


The Disc DJ Store’s PPC campaigns were working relatively successfully for a number of years but at a much lower level than they knew was possible.

We analysed all the historical data from the account which assisted us in formulating a paid search strategy that would see a huge uplift in business.


Our goal was to plot and execute an intelligent path of growth to break into the competitive top 10% of the market.


Comparing the headline stats from our first month of management to the same month a year later we have seen considerable growth. Revenue has grown by 822.8%, riding off an increase in sessions of 467.62%; both of these metrics bolstered by an average order value increase of 82.18%. Ultimately though, impression share improved by 118.98% establishing The Disc DJ Store’s paid search presence solidly within the top 10% of DJ/studio equipment suppliers.



Communication between ourselves and Richard allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the industry and its competitiveness – leveraging his great sector experience we were able to create a number of tools and strategies to help keep an edge over the competition. The latest PPC tech is keeping this DJ/studio equipment specialist at the forefront of the paid search game!

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